Thursday, March 06, 2014 @ 12:15 AM
Blog Hopping....

While checking through the list of links that were embedded on my blog, I discovered that many of these blogs were long inactive. Many were not updated and probably a few had updated their blogs occasionally.

I saw Auntie Emily’s most recent post and I do have to agree with her that it is time to grow up. In this complex reality of the adult world, naive judgement would not bring us towards greater heights. We are supposed to grow stronger and wiser, to live up the expectations of the real world.

Over the years, I had seen many changes within my friends. Besides the changes in size (bulk or bulge), many had a different perception towards work and life. Some even had the plans of forming a new circle with their partners. Life; to them is not about being carefree but to give their very best to benefit themselves in various aspects, as well as providing certain needs for their loved ones.

I could confidently say that I had become a little wiser and down-to-earth, rather than being a person that fantasied the impossible. Still, there are many more things that I personally feel it could be improved; attitude and discipline.

I still enjoy the simplicity of my lifestyle at present and I still put up the innocent-looking smile on my face and crack tons of lame jokes, daily. Maybe, some things may never change.

However, if some things are better to remain unchanged to keep yourself happy, or act as a form of distress, and possibly be the acknowledgement of others that forms your unique personality, then why change. =]

Change for the better to make you feel worthy, rather than changing for the sake of others. Now, that is the key to lifetime happiness. That’s a personal opinion. No offence. =D

Thursday, February 27, 2014 @ 11:36 PM
Difference in Childhood Activities Changes our Present Lifestyle

Just a few days back, I was on my way home after a gym session when I spotted a group of girls playing a game of 'Catch'. Although it is a simple game of running and tagging, a sudden thought had struck me. It made me wondered how amazingly time had passed.
It used to be my favourite childhood game with my friends, regardless if it is played in the neighbourhood playground, school or even the entire HDB block. The ego of outrunning the ‘catcher’ brings self-satisfaction as you realised how fast you could run.
However, there was a deeper thought that got into my mind. I questioned myself, why is it that the present generation are facing social issues. Today’s children are provided with great luxury of smartphones and computers. Their past time are spent through hours of online gaming or watching the television. Yet, little time was spent on mingling with the kids around the block.
Social or interpersonal skills are significantly vital to the new generation in developing their character, to becoming a better person in the future. Imagine, the lack of socialising with different people around us will cultivate our characteristics towards an introvert side. Even communications become a less face-to-face interference as we would convey our words via SMS or online messaging.
I may not be a parent but I am fully aware that it is a must to allow children to open up to the real world of socialisation. Once in a while, we should stop our present generation from using their IT gadgets to past their time but to interact with the neighbouring kids, to build bonds and develop their interpersonal skills. Moreover, it is always easier to develop one’s character at a young age than the later.
A simple game of ‘Catch’ also builds up the children’s fitness. The number of obesity kids in Singapore seemed to be rising. The last time when I was in my secondary school, the number of obese kids in my cohort could be counted using with only my two hands (10 fingers). Yet, a few years after I went back to school, the number of obese kids had grown tremendously. It’s either I had shrank over the years due to aging issues or my eyes were adjusting to the new inventions of HD wide viewing of images. That was the beginning that I acknowledged the phrase “Size does matter”.
The recent poll conducted by the media portrays that working adults are facing the problem of gaining weight upon entering the workforce. 3 out of 5 persons would gain an average of 3kg after the first year at work.
So, why wait till when your health had reached to the inevitable state. For the adults, its time to kick our butts off the chair and start exercising, may it be soccer or swimming. It allows you to meet new people around you.
Even if you don’t make the attempt to do so due to busy work schedules, do stop your child from their online gaming or television programmes, and recommend them to play at the playground once in a while.

Who knows, they might learn to build bonds with new friends and the freedom to roam around through a game of ‘Catch’ will build up their developments of socialising, personal fitness, and the upmost of all; friendship and trust.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014 @ 7:02 PM
The Fit February of 2014

It requires a little insanity to make an implusive decision to sign up a gym membership. Yes!! It's so true, when gym was not my top favourite 3 sports. Yet, with a new goal to keep myself fit, I guess such insanity could force me to train, to become a little better. =)  

Well, I signed up for Anytime Fitness - a gym that is opened for 24hrs 7 days. Its unique selling point is definitely its 24hrs operation, where you could visit the gym at any time of the day. Once, I went to do my workout at 3am and that feeling was great. Besides the peace, I really pushed myself hard enough before heading down to work.

Sadly, the gym training was halted over the past week due to work duties and my swim competition. I am still feeling the fatigue but I guessed I had felt better after tons of rest. It was literally sleeping, again and again.  

Meanwhile, it was a relief that the swim competition was over last week. I wondered was it due to my gym training or pure motivation that I had did exceptionally well for my individual and team events.  

I was involved in the following 4 swim events:

- 50m Butterfly
- 200m Individual Medley
- 4 x 50m Medley Relay
- 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay  

On the good side, I was happy that I've maintained my timings, especially on my butterfly. However, I was even more glad that I had swim a little faster than before.

I was placed as the only representative for the event, competing against the elites but I managed to pull through the event, positioning myself at the 6th (50m butterfly) and 5th (200m I.M.) respectively.  

I am no Michael Phelps but I am a sportman who aims to give my best shot in everything I do. Maybe, that is my own motto of life.  

Well, at least all sport events are over, it is now the time to continue training. The time is now.

Monday, January 06, 2014 @ 6:20 PM
Back to Blogging Ways

Gone goes 2013 and we usher the arrival of 2014!!  

It has really been awhile since I had blogged but it still feels great to post my thoughts into my personal virtusl space. It was never easy throughout the past 2 years as I juggled both studies and work. It was indeed tough times but I'm glad to say that it is all over for now. Since after my last paper dated on 09 December 2013, I'm just left to wait for my trimester results. If everything went on smoothly, I would be declared a University graduate at the later part of 2014!! =)  

Of course, the ushering of the new year means there are tons of resolutions to make and achieve. Yet, before I head forward to these goals, it is still important to look back to 2013 and learn from the ups and downs that I've encountered. The passing of my grandma was still a huge impact of my lives but it did make me feel stronger and wiser, in terms of finding more time for my loved ones and friends. In addition, it was more of finding some personal time to enjoy peaceful moments alone.

2014 is also the start of spending more time on my favourite sport; soccer. I understand that the rest of my soccer cliques will be engaged with studies but I will need to improve even more to put my best in all games. Besides the recent injury (either a strained or tear at my right abductor), I hope I could give my all again, especially when I've recovered.  

So, many had listed their resolutions but I did not listed them for 2013 as my one and only goal for that year was to attain my university graduation.

Well, hope I could attain these resolutions by September 2014. Here it goes:  

1) Pass my final trimester and graduate from University

2) Get to climb Mount KK with Singthesis (especially with Kah Hong,  when we had promised to fulfill this wish after we had graduated from Polytechnic)

3) Keeping my weight between 60kg to 64kg (wanted to keep fit after I had not exercise regularly due to studies)

4) First ever 6 packs (still in the making, if only the layer of fats around the stomach is removed)

5) Score more goals while playing soccer (Did improved over the past few months and I am taking the 2nd lead in scoring for the team)  

Time to strive hard to achieve my goals. =)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013 @ 4:39 AM
Feels Good To Be Back

Looking back at my last post, I just want to comment.. that's FREAKING LONG TIME AGO!!!

Alright, besides being back to blogging for a short while, perhaps, I guess I had been missing out lots of fun over the past few months. As usual, the juggling between studies and work had bring me fatigue to a new high level. I had been deprived with singing, soccer and of cause, spending time with my loved ones.

At least I'm finding some for family moments, singing was placed aside for the time being till my studies are officially over. Meanwhile, soccer is still taking place whenever I'm free.

Managed to play a game of soccer at Yishun after being engaged with school work for nearly 2 months. I did managed to score some nice goals. Tight corner shot that went past the goalie, a little dribbling which ends with a slot-in goal, and much much more.

The best so far was this! While holding the ball with my right foot, I had pushed it forward towards the left side of the court. Unable to place a shot as I was too near to the left corner, I stopped the ball and looked up to see where my opponent was. One guy was at my right and was trying to snatch the ball from me. In a blink of an eye, using my both feet to grab hold of the ball, I jumped and twisted my body and landed to the right side (still facing the goalpost). I realised the grip from my legs and send a thunderous shot to the right side of the post. GOAL!!!

Maybe it was lucky but nevertheless,  a goal is a goal. Gist of the entire story; it feels awesome to be back in doing what I like. =)

Thursday, August 30, 2012 @ 10:19 AM
The Dream of Death

As you look at the shelves of biographies that are showcased to viewers at the library, most of these biographies explain their personal experiences, thoughts and success. Yet, there is a minimal probability, possibly none, that would tell a story on facing death.

I don’t have any suicidal intention but I want to diary this moment, this dream, which I had gone through a few nights ago. I could not vividly recall the whole chain of events but that few glimpse of thoughts make me ponder whether that was the feeling of being at your deathbed.

All I could remember in my dream was that I was on a hospital bed, pretty weak and sick.   I was unsure of what illness I had contracted. A few doctors were around my bed and they were having a discussion about something.

The next instance, a doctor actually inserted a needle, possibly as thick as a mini straw (that’s big and painful) onto my right foot. That pinch could be felt, as if it was real. In a few seconds, I had difficulties breathing and seconds later, my heart collapsed. I could feel the suffocation compared to a few moments ago, where I was breathing regularly, yet the next moment, I stopped breathing.

I tried hard to gasp for some air but to no avail. Nothing went into my nose or mouth. My whole body was frozen like an ice cube, forbidding me to make further movements. The doctors around me became panicked and were trying to resuscitate me.

The next thing that I knew was I had opened my eyes, finding myself in my own room.  I know it was a nightmare but it was too real to be true. Then, questions start flooding my mind. I asked, “Is this how death takes place for each person?”

It is a must for every single living thing to encounter death, some once, and others numerous times. Yet, that makes me understand more about cherishing others, as well as myself. Thus, learn to cherish every day as life is unpredictable.

That’s, what I just wish to share.

Sunday, August 05, 2012 @ 10:00 PM
24th Birthday

When you grow older, you just realised how swift time past. The months passed like days and the next instance, you got to know that your birthday is around the corner. Yet, I have to emphasize, I'm still at my early 20s, which means, I am still young. =P
On the day of my birthday, messages from Facebook, Watsapp and SMS flooded me with joyous wishes from friends and close ones. Indeed, I felt extremely blessed for the wishing, since I rarely get to see them, and most of us were just casual 'hi-bye' friends. Anyway, thanks for the wishes, peeps!
Thanks for my family members accompany to K-Box that late afternoon, followed by a nice Ashton dinner. Seriously, its been a very long time since I hear my sister sang in front of me and I believed, we did make a good duet when it comes to love songs.
If the actual birthday was something nice, then I guess, the day after my birthday was amazing, splendid, wonderful and blah blah blah.
I met up with darling Shu Yun to Gardens By the Bay. Sadly, the weather was scorching humid that we had no choice but to change the plans for the day. We ended up doing window shopping at Marina Bay Sands. At least, it was fun and we saved money.
We managed to catch a movie shortly after the shopping at Plaza Singapura, to catch "Ice Age 4". The movie was awesome, with lots of funny stuff. Once movie ended, we head to Fish and Co along Penang Street for dinner.
Initially, based on my understanding, it was just a dinner between the 2 of us. However, as I went to the 2nd storey of the two level premise, I discovered there were familiar faces at a long table. First, I noticed Pauline, followed by Teck Leong and getting a glance at the faces around the table, there were Singthesis members! Cool!
I really didn't notice that Jeremy and gang were sitting at the rear end and seriously, I was stunned to see such a surprise. Speechless but was quite happy to have everyone's participation.
The celebration continues with the feast while I tried to be the host, helping them to collate their orders. The birthday cake shortly arrived and my face was covered with a creamy mess. It looks horrendous if one sees the pictures. I would just laugh whenever I see the picture of my eyes covered with cream. Thats how awesome yet scary for birthdays.
After the treat, it was a little drinking session, also known as an ice breaker session as everyone get to introduce themselves to one another. Of course, I was tipsy after a few drinks but still survived, awake and moving.
Thanks to my darling Shu Yun for organising the birthday bash, taking care of me when I'm drunk and the tons of surprises that you had planned for me. ♥
Also, I appreciate the guests for turning up; Singthesis as well as Jeremy and gang. Your presence means alot for me in this celebration.
Well, the aftermath of the celebration came with a little romance between Xiu and Xing. What's the story behind it? I have no idea but all I could say is, love is in the air during the celebration. =)

Monday, June 25, 2012 @ 3:16 AM
A Total Failed Preparation

Sometimes, you just have the feeling of hating yourself for the many silly things that you've done in life. That awkward feeling that makes you reflect your mistakes, your past, and makes you realised how stupid it was when you did the past doings.

Earlier of the day, I had my International Marketing test. A simple 30 MCQ questions but I ended up unable to finish the paper on time. I had too many doubts with the answers and right now, the only way of ensuring to get a good grade from the test is to pray, as hard as possible and hope the results are good, when things are not in your favour. Overall reflection about my test - A total crap~!!

Based on my own reflection while I was walking back home, I realised that I had been either dilly dally with my revision or too busy with commitments. Recalling what I had done since last week, I was busy with project till Wednesday; Organisational Behaviour; which was a killer when your brain cells are squeezed out to the brim.

Followed by that was work. Although its in shift, I should have use the time wisely to study instead of taking breaks or short naps whenever I can. I just can't believe how useless and weak I was, even though I had to work every now and then, especially when the big event took place on Thursday.

I have to admit, I am tired. With every energy cell drained due to the mental and physical demands that had challenged me. In addition to my stupid stomachache illness, I had been lying to myself to stay slack and think that things will go via my way. How naive was I?

I just don't think that it is an acceptable excuse that I was busy and had little time to prepare for my test. I only get to start revising on Thursday night and finish writing the NOTES at 1500hrs on Sunday, 3 hours before the test, without memorising all the necessary information. What a planning I had. I just can't believe that I could have planned such a way to study for my test and when I sat for the paper, I knew nuts about the questions and answers. Damn!! That hurts and sucks to the core!

The rest of my classmates stated that the test was tricky and hard but they find it managable, whereas for me, I had to struggle and I had left 2 blanks, in an MCQ test??!! What a total loser I was.

If only... if only I could be more self-motivated and push myself to the limit. Less soccer, less distraction, plan my timing and fight for my work schedule (though some event stuff just can't be missed, which I still hate it so hard that I just feel like calling quits). If only I had stayed home and not going to school early, I could have revised via the MCQs avaliable online, probably. It is no use regretting now but I had missed out my 15% for my attainment of good grades.

Was I being ambitious in search for good grades? I have no idea. I wanted to study as it is part of my plan in life. I wanted to take 2 modules per Trimester in order to get good grades, for a nicer certificate when I graduated and not wasting my own hard-earned money on retaking modules. I wanted to excel in my studies for career advancement and maintain my goal of doing the things I like and cherished. Why did all these rubbish come from, all these nonsense from me?

I sometimes do want to shout it out loud that I hate being distracted. I realised I don't like others to disturb me when I do my revision. I don't wish to spend time with anyone during m study period as I wanted to put in my full concentration. I just WANT TO STUDY!!! I really wanted to find time to do the things I like, spend the time with the people I care but.... it just gets hard to meet the expectations.

End of the day, I am still partly at fault for what had happened lately. I guess a lesson was learnt and I have the remaining 85% to score for my International Marketing. Have I given up myself for that 3.0 GPA that I was hoping for right from the start of my studies? Or should I lower down my expectations as I’m doing the unattainable I just hate myself, seriously, for what I had done. Deserved the crappy feeling for tonight.

P.S. – for those who consoled and cared for me, thanks but I didn’t have the mood to reply. At least I had distressed myself for a short while earlier and I felt better. Appreciated for the motivation.

Thursday, June 14, 2012 @ 2:49 AM
Pain In The Ar$e

Ever wonder how it feels like when you had a severe tummyache that spoils your mood and plans for the day?

Guess what, I had that feeling for the past 2 days that the only way to describe the feeling was "First-hand". I normally don't suffer from such severe stomach upset. However, on the first day when that awkward feeling begins, I had been in and out of the toilet for 6 times during work. I hate the feeling, especially when I'm out or I'm attending some errands. I just didn't like the feeling of entering the same toilet, sit on a foreign toilet bowl and that torturous strain at the bottom. By the end of the day, I was like suffering from cramps, like a monthly affair that ladies faced. (I'm joining the girls club =X)

The feeling was much better this time round but it was still harsh. I had to go through the same process but luckily, it's in my house. I mean, it's always better to perform some stuff in your own privacy; your home; than doing outside. End of the day, I had to visit the doctor and get an MC to avoid the pain and the 'other' pain (from the ladies =X)

The doctor mentioned that I'm possibly had a stomach virus and I will recover in 2 to 3 days time. He further mentioned that I am having a dehydration that is possibly be the sole reason to the problem. It took me some time to reflect what the hack had I gone through lately and I realised that projects were the main factor to all this.

To make sure this crappy Organizational Behaviour report is in proper management, I had to liaise with the rest to push them and get the job done. I was not the leader yet I was treated as one. Totally absurd but true, which brings me to the brim of tolerance that I declared sick; mentally and physically; on Organizational Behaviour. I know its not easy but when people give you a crappy replies when you demand them for answers, they just push your luck.

Well, to sum it up. I need to have more rest, food and drinks, which was what I had been lacking these days. I had been staring at the computer, brain clicking every single moment though my morale is extremely low. I had a little regret studying but I need to strive on, to attain the unfinish business that I had in mind.

So far, so good, with the urge of the toilet madness and decreased gradually. Let's hope its  a better day when I wake up later. Meanwhile, I shall head back to the Euro 2012 qualifiers.  =]

Wednesday, May 09, 2012 @ 6:00 PM
Start of Trimester 2

2 weeks holidays and its back to school again. It's gonna be more tough than before, since I had set expectations on my academic results for less Trimester. Scoring with 2 distinctions in my 2 modules, I hope the 'D' run continues this Trimester.

All the best with these pieces of trash.  =]

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